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EAC Submissions is committed to providing efficient, affordable and achievable solutions for ambulance billing and ambulance claim submissions. 

We understand the EMS industry!

We know that the EMS professional is already overburdened with documentation requirements and regulatory mandates in a setting that rarely has supplementary staffing available to assist.  In many settings, ambulance billing becomes just another burden that has to be accomplished by the same staff that is expected to run the calls.

Ambulance claims comprise only a very small percentage of an insurance carrier's business.  The infrequency of the claims and their unique nature has resulted in the insurance industry merely adjusting the existing medical claims structure to try to accommodate ambulance claims.   This has resulted in ambulance claim submission being one of the most complicated claim scenarios in the industry with poor documentation, little standardization, and inconsistent approvals. 

Ambulance claims are further complicated by the sheer vastness of the potential insurance carriers that may need to be dealt with.  Unlike the physician or dentist who knows they will only have to deal with a handful of insurance carriers, ambulance patients can come from literally anywhere and will bring their insurance with them.

EAC Submissions is dedicated to conquering these complexities and to making ambulance billing and submissions an achievable process!


By specializing in ambulance claims submissions, EAC Submissions can provide trouble-free submissions for ambulance claims.  Our research is focused on ambulance claims and we are dedicated to conquering the unique submission requirements for each carrier. 

EAC Submissions can accept claims from your ambulance billing software vendor in many common formats and will customize that information to meet the requirements of each insurance carrier prior to performing the submission. 


While EAC Submissions will accept claims from most major ambulance billing software packages, the ultimate answer to streamlining ambulance billing is to integrate the clearinghouse with the billing software.

For those who are also seeking ambulance billing software, EAC Submissions has chosen to integrate with The EMS Accounting System.  The EMS Accounting System is an efficient, affordable, easy-to-use ambulance billing package that has been serving customers throughout the country since 1989. 

The EMS Accounting System is feature-packed and will produce invoices, print paper claims, track past dues and accounts receivable and much more.  The program is easy to use and will work hand-in-hand with EAC Submissions.  Claims will be validated through The EMS Accounting System prior to transfer to the EAC Submissions Clearinghouse to make your electronic submissions a snap.


As a customer of either EAC Submissions or The EMS Accounting System, you will have free access to our ambulance billing research.  This includes items such as:

  • ICD-9-CM  Medical conditions codes approved by Medicare
  • ICD-9-CM  Alternative diagnosis codes approved by Medicare
  • E-Codes    External Causes codes from Medicare
  • Links to Medicare, Medicaid and major insurance carrier sites
  • Links to Ambulance Billing pages at Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services
  • Links to Ambulance Billing legal requirements
  • Templates for documentation requirements